Posted by: feltface | September 13, 2011

Snot Inspiring

Just a quick update that will neither awe nor inspire, because that’s about all I have energy for. I’ve been sick in bed since Saturday and have done a whole lot of sleeping and even more Law & Order SVU watching. When I checked out at the drug store tonight with several cold remedies, Vitamin C, and chocolate, the cashier commented, “You know, we offer flu shots buuut it looks like it’s too late for you.” Wise guy.

Tomorrow begins my three day course to become a Licensed HIV Counselor. After Friday, I will be licensed to administer HIV tests as well as provide pre and post-test counseling. I’m really excited for this opportunity and the doors it will open both throughout this year as well as in the future. The downside is the course is offered way north in Miami during rush hour traffic, so I have to leave at 6am for my 8am start time. I know to everyone in DC reading this, that sounds like another day in the neighborhood, but I’ve very quickly gotten spoiled with my 5 minute commute to work in Florida City. Pray for my sick little body to survive the intensity of the next few days.

On that note, I think I’ll continue numbing my mind on hours of SVU (movie suggestions welcome).


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